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Daxton with black and chocolate labrador puppies
Dawson and Chocolate puppy
Shimmering Silver Labradors
Steve and Black Silver factored puppy
Silver puppies

We specialize in AKC light Silver,
Charcoal , Chocolate Silver
Factored & Black Silver Factored
Labrador Retrievers in North
Phone: 704-682-3111
Daxton and black puppy
Daxton and two Silver female puppies
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
Every boy should have two things:   
1) a dog,
2) a mother willing to let him have one.
"There is no
psychiatrist in the
world like a puppy
licking your face."
-- Ben Williams
"No one appreciates the very special genius of your
conversation as the dog does." -- Christopher Morley
Labrador Puppy Kisses
At Shimmering Silver Labradors, our
pups are played with and loved on
everyday to provide their new owners
with a well tempered and socialized
family member.
Steve and Onyx
Chase and the girls
Chase and Silver Tonto having a discussion
The Labs of
Shimmering Silver
Daxton and silver factored labrador puppy
Black silver factored labrador Midnight
Silver Labradro Tonto
Tilly and Reign
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Thank you for visiting Silver Shimmering Labrador's home on
the web. It is our hope that you will find our site enjoyable,
informative, and worth visiting again. Our dogs are first and
foremost our precious pets and extensions of our family. When we
do breed, Shimmering Silver Labradors is dedicated to producing
the following varieties of AKC Labrador Retrievers:  Silver,
Charcoal, Silver-factored Black & Silver-factored Chocolate.
We are also proud members of the
Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers.
The Council is a group of devoted Labrador Retriever breeders and
owners whose vision is to establish equal treatment and full
acceptance of all pedigree purebred Labrador Retrievers,
regardless of coat color.
Click on the Logo below to visit the official website and learn more
information about this amazing breed.
Back: Midnight (Black Silver Factored)
Front: Titian (Charcoal)
This is a good comparison of the color variation
between the black and charcoal coat.
Machie and Tonto
Previous Black silver
Factored puppy
Tilly with previous silver and charcoal puppies.
Tilly and Titan
Machie, Tilly, and Titan
Machie and Reign
Tilly and Reign
Onyx, Tonto, Lincoln (previous
puppy)& Midnight.
Steve and Onyx
Onyx and Midnight
Davin and black pup
Tonto delivered 13
beautiful puppies
April 8th, 2014

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Titanium Jefferson
                                   We are now accepting deposits for this litter.

5 Silver Males                               3 Silver Females                    2 Charcoal Males                             3 Charcoal Females
1st Pick: Richard Tessenear     1st Pick: Reserved                1st Pick: Schlegelmilch Family          1st Pick: Scott Rogers
2nd Pick: Viverette family
        2nd Pick: Bruce Quigley       2nd Pick: Jason Boles                        2nd Pick: Megan Purvis
3rd Pick: Nancy Jones
             3rd Pick: Available                                                                            3rd Pick: Lisa Griffies     
4th Pick: Stastny family
5th Pick: Available
Shimmerings Sterling
Silver Tonto
Silver Males
3 Available
Charcoal Females
All Reserved
Charcoal Males
All Reserved
Charcoal Males
All Reserved
Silver Females
1 Available
Charcoal Females
All Reserved
Puppies are here!!!